Hotel Kaneyamaen & Bessho SASA

Hi I am Elodie from France. I and my friend,
Alexia from Belgium, visited Fuji-Yoshida city in
Yamanashi to see Mt. Fuji covered with snow.

Let me report our visits including Mt. Fuji,
a shrine with at least 1900 years history and Mt. Fuji museum.
We were impressed with a lot of Japanese cultures.

11:00Fuji Sengen Jinja

We first visited a Shrine called Fuji Sengen Jinja, and situated at Mount Fuji's feet.
The temple is in harmony with its surrounding nature, as if it has always been standing there.
When we walk up the way to the shrine, we feel like we enter a mystical place. The atmosphere is peaceful.

We could learn about Japanese culture, as we followed the traditional gestures before entering the shrine, and praying. We also tried to make a wish by writing on a small wooden plate that we would hang out with all the others. More than making our own wishes, seeing the other plates with all the people’s prayers was moving, and lead us to reflect about ourselves. It felt like a spiritual experience. It was also great to learn about its history, and the people who used to pray there before ascending the Mount Fuji.

12:00Lunch YoshidaUdon

For lunch, we could taste the famous udon of Yamanishi. We choose a set of Udon with tempura, which offers many delicious sides dishes. I love Japanese food and I was glad to be able to enjoy the Japanese food taste while I am a vegetarian.

14:00The Fuji Museum

We visited the Fuji Museum, which was really interesting. We could learn more about the mountain itself as well as all the history, the traditions, the beliefs and so on related to it. I especially enjoyed the show, which was beautiful and instructive.
Besides the museum, following a nice path that looks like a small promenade, were also reproduction of traditional houses and ryokan that we could visit. It is amazing to be able to go around the reproduction of an ancient ryokan where climbers of the Mount Fuji used to stop before ascending the volcano. I loved the feeling of walking on the tatamis and I really appreciated to rest on the little wood terrace.

15:00Hotel Kaneyamaen CheckIn~Room

The hotel is splendid. It is modern and really spacious, while reflecting traditional Japanese hotel. The personnel was also very polite and welcoming.
As for the room, it felt just like home. It was large and beautiful while being simple and comfortable. There is also a magnificent view of the Mount Fuji from the terrace. I particularly enjoyed the terrace where we can relax, with the private bath outside, from where we could unwind while admiring the breath-taking view. We can fully appreciate it at any time of the day - whereas in the morning, the afternoon or in the evening, when Fuji stands proudly just in front of us. It was as if we could touch it with our hands from where we were standing.
We first changed into yukata before walking around the facilities.

16:00Hotel Kaneyamaen Tearoom・Garden

First, I was really surprised when I saw the hotel’s Japanese garden. I can’t say what surprised me the most: the huge size of this garden or the beauty of this scenery. Japanese gardens are far different from European ones. In Europe, gardens tend to be precise, regular, symmetric and sophisticated.
Japanese gardens of course are also very organized, but there are made to look like the real nature and to give us the impression that they weren’t made by humans. We can feel the importance of the harmony with the Nature and this hotel did it very well, particularly by linking his garden to a natural river and the mountains behind. I especially enjoyed the time spent in the tea room. Sitting on tatamis, we enjoyed match tea and wagashi (Japanese traditional sweets). Mixing bitterness (match) with sweet (wagashi) could surprise the first time, but It actually really delicious and unique. The river flows just before the tea room, giving a very nice atmosphere.


At night, we had a proper Japanese dinner composed of various different dishes. We can taste many dishes, experiences the classics of Japanese cuisine. It also included various ingredients - from tender meat to delicious fishes and seafood, including fresh vegetables, and from the famous sashimi to tempuras. All the dishes were delicious and refined.

20:30Taiko Show

We continued our evening with a Taiko concert, to which many guests from the hotel assisted. It was amazing to experience Japanese music. The players were excellent, and the music leave a deep impression on us. Not only do they play the Japanese drums, but they also dance and sing around. Some people can even try playing the drums! The concert was followed by a bingo game. Everybody played together. It felt like people from all generations came together to play together, it was really fun.

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