Hotel Kaneyamaen & Bessho SASA

Hello I am Shou from China. I like traveling and posting my articles to my blog. I visited Yamanashi where the famous Samurai Takeda Shingen was born. I want to share my happy travel with you!

I am Ou from Shandong, China. I was so excited to have such an amazing travel that I have never had before.



How do you answer where the most impressive senery in Japan is? Mt. Fuji? Cherry blossoms? or the five-story tower in Kyoto? Yes those are all correct answers. Today I visited the wonderful place where all those icons are seen in one place. I can teach you where. Shinkurayama Sengen Koen is the place. You should visit there at the early April with cherry fully bloomed. It took a few minutes to reach the top of the hill and you can see the bright red tower with cherry blossom around. And! The beautiful Mt. Fuji is just behind the tower. What an amazing view! I have never forget that view.



What are the Japan's popular foods? Sushi? Ramen and Yakiniku BBQ? I want to introduce you the yummy local Yakiniku restaurant near Fuji-kyu highland (amusement park) called YAKINIKU TATSUGAOKA. We ate very tender and succulent Japanese beef Wagyu there.

14:00钟山苑 露天温泉


After Yakiniku lunch, I came to KANEYAMA-EN. I jumped into the spa before dinner. This is the natural spa so very good for the health. More amazing thing was that I could see the stunning view of Mt. Fuji with taking a spa! I did not notice the time passing. Take care otherwise you may be dizzy.

15:00钟山苑 庭院


Japanese garden in KANEYAMA-EN was in the perfect condition. I could feel the Japanese season with flowers decolated all over the property. We took a little walk there. Then we were excited because so many things we could enjoy here. Tasted Matcha, tried foot-bath, had sweet rice drink and more. KANEYAMA-EN has everything you want to try Japanese culture. We needed full day just staying here. Some foreign visitors just use the Japanese Ryokan for sleep. It is worth more than that. I visited here in spring so here was the absolutely beautiful with various flowers. I liked the weeping cherry trees most. The cherry branches flied when the wind blowed. I completely lost my sense of time.



The art of writing expressed the mind. This was what I felt when a calligrapher Ito gave a writing to me. These Japanese culture was very appealing to me. Calligrapher Ito was nearly 77th age but surprizingly energetic. I talked with Ito sensei for nearly 2 hours about the Japanese culture. Ito sensei gave me the wonderful writing. He wrote 和 that means "peace" with smiling face. It took only a minute to complete the writing. If you would like to know more about the Japanese culture. you should visit Ito sensei's place here.



Basically Japanese ryokan system has the bed and dinner. The dinner is the most precious time during the stay. I enjoyed the authentic Japanese Kaiseki meal. Each dish was just like an art object. The decolations of each dish were extremely beautiful. I really moved the dishes which were the sashimi covered with a small aquarium and the seasonal vegitable's steam dish. A waitress lighted a fire when we took seats. Then she opend the lid when it was ready for eat. Steam came up over the colorful vegitables. I enjoyed the taste with my eyes also. I was really impressed.

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