Hotel Kaneyamaen & Bessho SASA

Welcome To FUJISAN

March 2020

Cherry Blossom IkebanaMarch.31,2020

Hello, The snow that fell suddenly has mainly melted and spring has come back to our hotel. It is wi...


Where did the spring go?March.29,2020

Hello, Today, there was a sudden snowfall of about 10cm in our area. Our Japanese garden was beautif...


Clear Blue Sky in the DaytimeMarch.25,2020

Hello, It has been such a nice and warm whether these days but it suddenly got cold in our area. Hav...


Blooming Condition 2March.21,2020

Hello, It has been nice and warm days recently and the flowers in our Japanese garden are blooming m...


Friendly Grandpa in our GardenMarch.19,2020

Hello, Let us introduce our grandpa in our garden. He, Mr. Sukenori Ito, is a calligrapher. You can ...


Get a little taste of Spring ahead of the seasonMarch.17,2020

Hello, Although it snowed a few days ago, it's already spring. We have some souvenirs which make you...


Why don't you warm yourself up with Amazake?March.16,2020

Hello, The snow that fell a day before yesterday has almost totally melt and our garden became ordin...


Sudden SnowfallMarch.15,2020

Hello, There was a snowfall from morning until night yesterday in our region. Thanks to this snow, o...


The early bird gets the wormMarch.12,2020

Hello, In winter season, the air is dry so Mt.Fuji is likely to be seen from our hotel than other se...


Bloom ConditionMarch.11,2020

Hello, We'd like to show you the bloom condition today. ...