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Cherry Blossom IkebanaMarch.31,2020


The snow that fell suddenly has mainly melted and spring has come back to our hotel.
It is will be rainy and a bit cold tomorrow but after that there will be nice and sunny weather.
So the blooming of cherry blossoms in our Japanese garden, which have started to bloom a few day ago, might accelerates and you could be able to enjoy cherry blossoms in maybe 1 or 2 week.

Not only in the garden, you can also enjoy cherry blossoms in our hotel.
You can enjoy "Ikebana"(flower arrangement) everywhere in our hotel.
We have "Kado"(flower arranging) department which take care of all Ikebana.
The Ikebana is changed everyday and the flowers of seasons are arranged by each seasons.

Currently you can enjoy spring flowers such as cherry blossoms.


When you are staying in our hotel, please enjoy walking around our building and enjoy the Ikebana.

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