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Erhu ConcertApril.21,2016

Hello everyone!

We would like to share the picture of the Erhu concert which took place last night.

The Erhu is a two-string bowed musical instrument, also known as the Chinese violin.

As a part of the Hotel Kaneyamaen's annual Yozakura festival, the concert is performed nightly by the string trio called 'Niko no Kaze' from April 17th through April 23rd this year.

They give us an amazing performance of the songs that bring out a distinct and versatile sound of Erhu, similar to the violin, yet more soulful and expressive.


Also, the music is even more amazing with beautifully illuminated cherry blossoms in background.

We are sure this concert will be a unique musical experience for you all.


And we offer a heart-warming cup of tea with a cherry-flavored Japanese dessert for all guests at the concert.

We hope you join us for this festive occasion!